Lady Jaz’s Top 101 Kylie Songs

Well, to celebrate the Queen of the Universe’s GOLDEN birthday I decided to rank my top 50 of her songs, but got a bit carried away and ended up with my top 100* instead. Even 100 songs are not enough to demonstrate the quality of music that La Minogue has gifted the planet with during her first 5 decades on Earth. We really do not deserve her; a living, breathing celestial being. Special shoutout to Ron and Carol Minogue for the gift they gave us all on the 28th May 1968!

  1. Confide In Me – the greatest and most epic song of all time, that is just perfection for overly dramatic dancing. Which is obviously the best kind of dancing. Kylie’s 1994 single was her first outside of the control of the Stock Aitken Waterman Hit Factory, narrowly missing out on the top spot it proved she was no one trick pony.   confide
  2. No More Rain – this song has helped me through some dark times. When Kylie released her post cancer comeback X in 2007 certain parties complained the lyrics were impersonal and lacked depth. Those ears obviously needed a good clean out with a cotton bud as No More Rain contains some of her most poignant lyrics of all time “sun coming up on another day, got a secondhand chance gonna do it again, got rainbow colours and no more rain”. *wipes away tear*
  3. All The Lovers – the words Kylie and euphoric have long been associated with one another but this soaring 2011 classic takes the combination to new dizzying heights. Funfact – the middle eight is the greatest ever recorded. Funfact #2 my cover version of this was featured on Popjustice so as a result I like to take sole credit for the single going top 5.                        allthe
  4. What Do I Have To Do? – everything about WDIHTD is perfect from the opening bars to the Dannii Minogue cameo in the ultra glam black and white video. Still sounds as fresh today as when I first heard it back in 1990.      whatdo
  5. I Believe In You – vocal perfection on the 2004 lead single from the multi platinum Ultimate Kylie compilation. This co write with Kylie’s pals from the Scissor Sisters was narrowly kept of the top spot by Band Aid 30 and I’ve held a grudge against every single artist who participated on this charity single ever since. We all know Band Aid II is the ultimate version anyway!
  6. Better The Devil You Know – the first time we saw “racy Kylie”. Having recently upgraded Jason Donovan for Michael Hutchence the bubble perm and baggy jeans were gone, and in it’s place was a mature, self assured Kylie that owned her sexuality.  But, thankfully, the bops remained and BTDYK has become an all time classic.                          better
  7. What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) – the most underrated of all of Kylie single releases. She has never performed it on tour but I will never give up hope. Minogue – if you read this please add to the Golden Tour setlist!! It has all the hallmarks of peak Stock Aitken Waterman and a perfectly retro video clip starring a pair of red heart shaped sunglasses.                   what
  8. Made In Heaven – originally planned as a double A side with Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi despite being performed at the 1988 Royal Variety Performance it was soon forgotten about after release. Well, by many it was but never by me. I feel that it was strong enough that it could have been an album lead single and I never tire of it’s joyous refrain.
  9. Slow – Kylie’s first self penned number one single hit the top spot in 2003. Whilst the song itself was perfection the video was next level amazing inventing towel choreography, Speedos and perfect red talons expertly lit by the Barcelona sunlight.                       slow
  10. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi – her best ballad of the Stock Aitken Waterman era, made even better by the 1950s set Parisienne promo clip. I’ve still not got my head around how she managed to dance in colour whilst her partner was in black and white, but at least I have the spoken word dialogue at the start down to a tee. Eeeet is ‘alf past seex!                                                                   jenesais
  11. Enjoy Yourself
  12. Light Years
  13. Hand On Your Heart
  14. The One
  15. Your Disco Needs You
  16. Shocked
  17. On A Night Like This
  18. Dancing
  19. I Should Be So Lucky
  20. Turn It Into Love
  21. Especially For You
  22. Under The Influence of Love
  23. Aphrodite
  24. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)
  25. In My Arms
  26. Never Too Late
  27. Into The Blue
  28. One Boy Girl
  29. Let’s Get To It
  30. Lost Without You
  31. In Denial
  32. Finer Feelings
  33. Stop Me From Falling
  34. Every Day’s Like Christmas (SAW Mix)
  35. Nothing Can Stop Us
  36. Glow
  37. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
  38. Wow
  39. Put Yourself In My Place
  40. Loveboat
  41. Time Will Pass You By
  42. Dangerous Game
  43. Kiss Me Once
  44. Got To Be Certain
  45. Things Can Only Get Better
  46. Password
  47. Where Has The Love Gone?
  48. Golden
  49. Did It Again
  50. It’s No Secret
  51. Timebomb
  52. Where Is The Feeling?
  53. Disco Down
  54. Closer (1991)
  55. Too Far
  56. If You Were With Me Now
  57. Some Kind Of Bliss
  58. Tears On My Pillow
  59. A Lifetime To Repair
  60. Cowboy Style
  61. Do You Dare?
  62. Right Here, Right Now (1991)
  63. Where The Wild Roses Grow
  64. Please Stay
  65. Secrets
  66. Promises
  67. Wouldn’t Change A Thing
  68. Where In The World?
  69. Cosmic
  70. Breathe
  71. 100 Degrees
  72. The Locomotion
  73. Tell Tale Signs
  74. White Diamond
  75. Koochachoo
  76. We Are One
  77. Feels So Good
  78. White December
  79. Radio On
  80. I Was Gonna Cancel
  81. I Guess I Like It Like That
  82. So Now Goodbye
  83. Too Much
  84. Step Back In Time
  85. If Only
  86. Love At First Sight (2001)
  87. Nothing To Lose
  88. Butterfly
  89. Sensitized
  90. Sexy Love
  91. Illusion
  92. Celebration
  93. Skirt
  94. Live and Learn
  95. I Feel For You
  96. Burning Up
  97. Give Me Just A Little More Time
  98. Spinning Around
  99. Word Is Out
  100. Come Into My World
  101. Red Blooded Woman

* please note in my original version I’d neglected to include Lost Without You so this is now a top 101 ranking!

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